Internet Marketing Mistakes Starter Pack – 11 Mistakes All Internet Marketers Must Avoid To Achieve Success

My goal as all Internet Marketers or Affiliate Marketers is to make money …

… this is no different than any others out there, the reason why they start an Affiliate Marketing Business is to achieve success.

But, most of them start with the wrong impression that success can be achieved overnight and with very little effort.

And it is not the case, lots of trial and error will have to happen and mistakes will be made that further complicate matters while the entire time failure is looming large in the horizon.

To help you avoid failures and disappointments I will be doing my best to learn about and then share the most common affiliate marketing mistakes that affiliate marketers make and how to avoid these mistakes at the beginning stages.

Although do not mistake a failure as always being a “mistake”, but more of a learning opportunity.

And always remember, one of the key components and your road map to success that is included as part of a successful strategy in this business is to Take Action .

We all know how appealing and attractive affiliate marketing is.

After all, it promises you great income without the need to handle any inventories or product shipping.

And of course, you have seen plenty of success stories which suggest to you that you could be one of them too.

You most likely have already bought all kind of e-books, WordPress plugins and other software and training systems that promise to lead you to success …

… but after a while, you discovered that the this awesome business is turning a loss rather than a profit.

While affiliate marketing can and will truly financial rewarding, it is definitely not an easy task and takes work.

The reason why so many people fail at affiliate marketing is because they make the fatal mistake that result from their ignorance of learning the facts concerning how the business runs.

Affiliate marketing is not only about setting up a website and recommending a few products.

It is about the skill of building a real long term business that can bring you profits even when you are sleeping, that is when the passive income you always hear about happens.

Everyone makes mistakes and Internet Marketers are no exception.

What is important is that the earlier you learn to avoid making Internet Marketing Mistakes …

… the sooner you will achieve your goal as a successful affiliate marketer and go from mistakes to money!

“An expert is a man who has made all the mistakes which can be made, in a narrow field.” — Niels Bohr

1. Most new entrepreneurs in their rush to start their new affiliating marketing business choose a product simply on the basis that it generates a high commission or it has a captivating banner. This is not a mistake solely on because of these attributes, but it will often start with this mistake. One of the most extremely important pieces that is usually missed, is that you have to do research. This research is to find a product for which there is a great need, and be a good product and then make sure it also generates a reasonably good commission for your time and efforts.

2. Promoting too many different types of affiliate products and programs with equal intensity. This will confuse your website visitors and you too. To succeed in affiliate marketing it is always wise to concentrate on one niche affiliate program and have a few other good affiliate programs that will be of interest to your clients and visitors. This way they are provided with a few different options and these extra programs will build up over time and be a good source of additional income. Marketing and promoting affiliate programs can take a lot of time and effort and hence it is good to have a limit, especially when first starting out and building your niche inside a niche, so to speak. Here is a good example for you to see this mistake,, my origin mistake, my passion still but a failure for sure!

3. Me and many people, maybe you too … jump on the affiliate marketing band wagon with very little or no knowledge of marketing. The perception is that you have or build a website and slap an ad for an affiliate product, and the money will start flowing in. This is another mistake made by me just like most all people that venture into this maze. It is best to equip yourself with sufficient skills and knowledge before you start or better yet just be sure to keep on acquiring knowledge as you go along. This will make life much easier as an affiliate marketer, and learning as you move forward and Take Action will make you and keep you successful in this business.

4. One thing that is a surprise to most that get started in Internet Marketing. Also for me as well as I had built websites and had started but never kept up a blog. But, affiliate products can be promoted without having your own website. Most will chose and it is recommended and will look professional as well as comes with many other benefits, a website is necessary tool. Almost all affiliate programs are free to join and a website does not cost much either and if done correctly will pay for itself, or have a healthy ROI. Amongst all the way to get started, affiliate marketing is one of the easiest (still requires hard work) and cheapest (you will have to invest time and money) methods of making your entrance into the field of business. And a big part of that invest in time and money will be targeted traffic to your website. Highly optimized content is one of the keys to that … in addition to several other strategies that you will need to be implemented to ensure a steady flow of targeted traffic.

5. Not keeping proper stats or recording metrics along the way. When starting an advertising campaign, you need to have a baseline – knowing how many customers you are already bringing in, how much profit you are making and so on. If you don’t know these numbers before you start the campaign, how will you know that your marketing strategy is working?

6. Remember that website we talked about in mistake #4? This mistake is going to address not putting the cart before the horse simply meaning do not put your marketing strategy, and ads in place before your website is completed. Just as in a Brick and Mortar, you do not want traffic coming to the store before construction is finished. Because when get good Internet marketing strategies in place, these ads are going to get people to come to your site … but if they come to a site that is still under construction, they are not likely to stick around for very long and they are not going to come back. Make sure that you have a high quality website and product before starting your marketing campaigns.

7. Having the wrong attitude is a fatal mistake that you can make as an affiliate. Affiliate marketing is not a Get Rich Quick scheme and should not be treated as one. You can always tell the honest and reputable successful affiliate marketers, because they always tell you that they have put in a lot of effort, time and hard work before they achieved what they have today. So take note, write it down, and burn it into your brains, if you want to be successful in affiliate marketing, you must treat it just like any other business and start with the right attitude and mindset. That is the only way you will achieve the end result that you want.

8. Not having a passion or knowledge in the product you attempt to promote is a common mistake made by affiliates. In other words, you are not promoting something you like, or use or know anything about. This is going to show and will be a fatal mistake, and the reason is simple. You have to ask yourself the question: How can you recommend a product to anyone when you don’t even know what benefits the product will bring to your customer? If you have personally used and loved the product, you will be able to share, review and even give powerful testimonial to your customer on the benefit of the product. You will also be in a great position to answer the questions from your customers. The bottom line is: if you do not have genuine interest in the product, do not promote it.

9. This one is short and sweet in length of the words used to describe the mistake. But will not be short and sweet when it comes time to not make this mistake. Consistency is the key to success in any and everything, and for sure in business. This applies to affiliate marketing as well, how could it not? In internet marketing, most affiliates do not put in the consistent effort required to apply the strategies they have learnt. Most affiliates spend more time and show consistency in learning the strategies vs. using them.

10. You will not become a millionaire overnight, get over that right now. Affiliate marketing is an ideal business model and the good news is, as long as you persist and consistently employing the right strategies, and promote good products … it will only be a matter of time before you start to reap your rewards from your hard work in this affiliate business.

11. This might be the biggest mistake most entrepreneurs make, not just in internet affiliate marketing … but in all businesses. And that is to give up early and at the wrong time. Most give up after having put in a lot of time and effort, often disappointed that they are not making money from their businesses. They fail to realize that they are already on the path to success and that a little more effort and time will bring in the rewards they have been working so hard for. Remember once you have decided to be an Internet Marketer, never give up … look for small victories and remain motivated till you reach your goal.

Bonus Mistake:

12. Shiny Object Syndrome or SOS, which is and was Mistake #1 for me Yep that is right, I started by chasing all the shiny tools and false promises of the “big bucks” online, especially in this internet marketing affiliate niche … so I am currently getting over SOS, or Shiny Object Syndrome. And, while you have probably found yourself with the same symptoms, know this … I am working to get back to my focus and original idea of writing about my mistakes so you do not have to make them, so my hope is you tag along and we can build a support group again this terrible afflicting shiny object syndrome.

I agree and want to join in with Tom Woods over at, he puts it like this and asks for a vow from you and me:

“If you have shiny-object syndrome, put your hand on your heart and repeat after me … I will learn everything Kevin has to teach me, and I will buy nothing else for three months.”

And one of the best way to get over SOS is with a little help from one of industry leading experts, who has a support group and leads the way in helping people conquer this disease:

Kevin Fahey’s IM VIP Training

For the most part, affiliates that are doomed to fail in this business are those who do not give enough time and energy and the amount of effort needed to understand everything involved in the industry that they are in.

Now that you know the fatal mistakes that others make and are set on avoiding them …

… you are ready to set forth on this internet marketing journey and will prove all the naysayers wrong, and remember internet marketing mistakes will be made, but now you are prepared and ready to learn and go from mistakes to money!