Mistake #3 Measure Twice Cut Once

Measure Twice Cut Once … this old adage does not hold up …

… when it comes to marketing on the Internet you will ALWAYS be measuring and the great thing is you can cut as many times as you like!

Testing is one of those things that everyone seems to know they are supposed to be doing, but almost no one actually does.

So, why exactly is testing so important, anyway?

Well, let’s say you are achieving a 2.5% conversion rate. Not too bad, you might think. After all, you have considerable competition, and you are not really standing out well in your market.

But what if one simple tweak, something perhaps as simple as adding ONE WORD to your squeeze page or changing ONE IMAGE on your blog’s main page could increase that to a 5% conversion?

Now that 2.5% higher doesn’t sound like all that much of a difference until you realize that’s DOUBLE the conversion rate, DOUBLE the customers, and DOUBLE the income.

From making one change! Isn’t that worth it?

The thing is, you’ll never know what might make a difference if you don’t test.

But be careful and do not get carried away with testing, or over test, especially if you do not drive much traffic when you are just starting out!

Because when you don’t have much traffic, it’s important to limit the number of variations in order to get an accurate result as quickly as possible.

Changing a lot of different variables at once is beyond the scope of this blog post. But when you get to the point and you need to start multivariate testing, it is best done when you have a significant amount of traffic, because with so many versions to test, it’s difficult to get a statistically significant number without quite a lot of traffic. You would need to get thousands of hits per day for multivariate testing to truly be effective for you.

As with everything, having the right tool for the job makes all the difference.

Split Test Monkey:
A/B testing 2 different variations of the same page
Split URL/Web Page Tests webpage A vs Webpage B

Build Redirects:
Split Testing & Conversion Tracking – With this system you can quickly setup a link to split test 2, 3, 4 or as many offers as you please. You can define what percentage of your traffic goes to each offer and how you want the system to optimize your traffic. Conversion tracking is made super simple by placing an affiliate pixel. This lets you track your conversions and offers you the ability to optimize your links based on what’s making you the most money. You sit back and watch as you increase your ROI automatically.

Want to learn more about Split Testing?

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